I am pleased to host the following testimonials:


“Fred has a ton of energy, is solution oriented and brings creative common sense solutions to problems He’s a breath of fresh air to have on a community board.”  
Dr. John & Jackie Wrinch, Starling Lane Vineyards


 "I served on a non-profit community board while Fred was president;  he was effective, always coming up with suggestions and ideas of making our hall more inclusive to new activities to the neighbourhood and therefore making profits that improved our ability to promote the hall. Fred not only made suggestions he would actively take part coordinating, installing and seeing the project through. Fred is energetic, hard working, dedicated to his beliefs.  I support Fred’s Saanich and CRD nomination."
Dorene Steele.


“I am impressed with Fred’s vision for the ingredients needed for Saanich to be environmentally and economically sustainable.”
Ray Parks


“Fred Haynes is a team player, commits his energy to understanding the issues in front of communities and has an ability to solve problems and get things done.”  
Dr. P.J. Naylor, Associate Professor, UVic.


“I am certainly rooting for Fred and know he will commit himself in such an incredible way to the
residents of Saanich!” 
Philip Bisset-Covaneiro, Young Entrepreneurs Society


“I’ll be voting Haynes on Nov. 15th, for a candidate who can see better ways to do things in Saanich, in a way that really makes a difference to people.” 
Barbara Newton, Instructor, Camosun College


 “Fred is a community convener who possesses a talent for working effectively between a number of community groups at once. He thinks proactively and puts the community needs first.”  
Shawn Steele, President, Prospect Lake Preservation Society


“Sometimes management is not enough. You need vision and someone who has ideas. That is what Fred brings. This and his ability to collaborate for win-win solutions is what will make Fred great on council.” 
Lee Richardson, Richardson Sports Inc.


“I have worked with Fred on numerous community projects including rebuilding the PLDCA Community Hall and environmental stewardship. He is dynamic, smart, reliable and I fully support his candidacy.”
Paul Scrimger, Past President PLDCA


"I have known Fred for many years and I have been impressed with his clear thinking and his drive to make Saanich a livable community, while maintaining the current tax costs."
Cedric Steele, Cedric Steele Realty Ltd