Sewage Sewage issue

As residents across Saanich and the CRD will know, I have been active since 2011, listening to the concerns of residents and speaking on their behalf to Saancih Council, the CRD and the BC Legislature.
As always, I go back to my values of sustainability and preparing Saanich for the world of tomorrow.
We need a modern system that maximizes resource recovery.
We need to secure federal and provincial funding.

Below are some resources for you.

My presentation to the Core Area Liquid Waste management Committee at CRD: Click here.

My presentation on CFAX: click here.

Prospect Lake District Community Association in the Times Colonist's comment section: click here.

Map of proposed pipeline route: click here.

PLDCA Presentation to CALWMC: click here ; plus minutes from the meeting: click here.

Sewage Hansard delivered via Andrew Weaver: click here ; plus the cover: click here.

Andrew Weaver's letter to Directors: click here.

Vic News article on 2200 person petition, plus Fred's response in the comments: click here


For more information regarding the Sewage Action Plan, please visit the PLDCA's website.

Thank you, Fred Haynes.