Platform is my 2014 election platform.

A brief outline of my policies:

Sustainable Community

  • Address cost of living issues for all ages
  • Initiate task force on affordable workplace home ownership & rental housing
  • Make sure the voices of tenants are heard
  • Engage employee and employer groups to grow jobs & raise incomes
  • Grow Saanich economy via sustained formal focus on economic development
  • Make Saanich a magnet for new business and new family sustaining jobs
  • Use expanded economic base to reduce pressure on residential taxes
  • Smart, cost effective management of taxpayers’ money
  • Seek cost efficiencies in Saanich by effective consultation with ALL staff



  • Address climate change  
  • Hartland landfill sustainability & safety
  • Improved solution for kitchen scraps
  • Protect and enhance watersheds
  • Support initiatives on local streams
  • Initiate Integrated Stormwater Management
  • Oil Tanks - standardize inspection & detection for in-ground tanks
  • Better inform residents on rock blasting



  • Support sustainable agriculture & food security
  • Resolve Alberg Farm issue with neighborhood support


Infrastructure & Planning

  • Harmonize regional building codes & practices
  • Update Local Area Plans  with neighborhood input
  • Address aging infrastructure
  • Relocate Quadra & McKenzie Public works yard for better land use. Location for affordable housing?


Traffic & Transport

  • Work with ridership and stakeholders for better transit
  • Improve residential traffic flow & safety
  • Accelerate work on sidewalks & bike safety
  • Plan for density that supports public transit routes
  • McKenzie overpass - create regional solution in partnership with Provincial & Federal governments


Shelbourne Valley Action Plan

  • Accelerate timelines on Shelbourne Valley Action Plan
  • Read an open letter to the Saanich Municipal Election Candidates: Click here.



  • Confirm Federal & Provincial funding for 2020 deadline
  • Provide clear answers on immediate and long term tax costs for Saanich residents
  • Find an alternative  - $400 Million+/year of water thrown away in next 10 years - unacceptable
  • Use modern technology & environmentally best locations
  • Use the 2020 Federal deadline for best outcomes
  • Undertake real consultation with residents
  • See more information and view my public presentations here



  • Responsibly manage off-campus housing for Camosun & UVic students
  • Work with UVic for on-campus housing option for students staying for summer jobs
  • Improved transit options, especially last buses



  • Review regional governance. Look before we leap
  • Seek regional cost efficiencies
  • Provide a formal process for public to address Saanich CRD Directors
  • Add protocol for open mic at council meetings
  • Use a People First approach to engage citizens
  • Improve formats for public consultation



  • Humane management of deer population

Please see the links to individual pages above for more information regarding certain topics such as sewage and amalgamation.