What would make Fred a great Mayor?  

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  • Fred thinks outside the box, which today’s complex problems need
  • He’s detail-oriented, and details matter
  • He’s solution-oriented and energetic
  • Fred’s a people person who consults widely with the community
  • He can build consensus in a group and find win-win solutions

Fred tackles problems by bringing new ideas and fresh approaches to old problems. He digs into the details, and often there he finds the key to opening up solutions. He is passionate and tireless on community issues.  Fred gets out into the community; collecting their concerns, ideas, expertise. So if you have Fred working on an issue, you get a big community along with him.

Experience that Counts

Fred has an excellent mix of experience and freshness, with four years on council. With three college-aged sons, he is highly motivated to create a vibrant, sustainable future. That future includes environmental sustainability as well as housing for all. Smart city planning and the ability to lobby higher levels of government for things like transit that Saanich needs more of are critical. Fred already has some great successes with Provincial and Federal governments. These led to funding to start building over 750 more housing units on UVic campus, and to senior's home renovation tax credits.

Saanich needs a Mayor who can go to bat for its residents. Fred Haynes will do that.