I'm very happy to say we are at our donation limit and cannot accept more!
Thank you so much for your support. 
To help in another way, please do your best to spread the word about Fred. Share on social media, talk him up at work, home and on your street. Join our door knocking team - even for a few hours. Like, follow and share on Facebook.

Again, a huge thank you to all.   



BC Election Donation Rules:

  • You must include a full name and BC mailing address for all donations.
  • Individual donation limit is $1,200.
  • Donations are prohibited from any corporation, organization or union, or from an individual who is not a resident of B.C. and a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.  
  • Donations are not eligible for tax receipts.
  • Donor lists are reported to Elections BC within 90 days after the vote. They are published 10 days later.
  • Donations $99.99 or less do not have the donor's name published.  
  • Donors giving $100 or more in total have their name published by Elections BC.


Thank you for helping Fred to make Saanich Sustainable, Affordable and Livable!

Who's donating

Hank Mathias
Mike Dalton
Peter Haddon
Susan Haddon
Graeme Macaloney
Mona Goode
Ian Batey
Hank Mathias
Elaine Moser
Michael Wignall
Jeff Shaw
Barbara Newton
Brandon Wright
Bruce Carter
Chris Schmidt
Mariah Holmstrom
Ragnar Oskarsson
John Mullin
Lindsay Mooir
Randy & Corrine Storey
Randy & Corrine Storey
Elaine Moser
Gregory Marshall