Cost of Living

Sustainability includes the environment, our community, the economy, and cost of living issues. Cost of living issues are a primary feature of my campaign for new ideas and a fresh approach in Saanich. Below is a list of action items we need to address to keep Saanich Sustainable.

Sustainable Community

  • Address cost of living issues for all ages
  • Initiate task force on affordable workplace home ownership & rental housing
  • Make sure the voices of tenants are heard
  • Engage employee and employer groups to grow jobs & raise incomes
  • Grow Saanich economy via sustained formal focus on economic development
  • Make Saanich a magnet for new business and new family sustaining jobs
  • Use expanded economic base to reduce pressure on residential taxes
  • Smart, cost effective management of taxpayers’ money
  • Seek cost efficiencies in Saanich by effective consultation with ALL staff

Here is an infographic with a cost breakdown of all new housing in Greater Victoria as provided by the Victoria Residential Builders Association.

Click Here for the Turnover and Vacancy quarterly report for the third quarter of 2014.