A Study on Amalgamation

In Saanich, let’s not fear democracy or knowledge. 

While it is unclear whether amalgamation or shared services without amalgamation would bring benefits to Saanich, it is clear that numerous Saanich voters want well researched information on this issue for Saanich and the region. 

As a candidate in the upcoming election, I have asked our Mayor and Council to put the question:

Do you support a study of the issue of amalgamation for Saanich”, on the November 15th ballot.

As I visit homes across Saanich voters have raised the topics of amalgamation and of possible benefits from shared services and cost efficiences without amalgamation. While existing studies of other cities show mixed results on efficiencies, service provision and cost savings, Saanich residents deserve the opportunity for information, if the ballot question reveals support. 

A well-designed and objective study would examine the pros and cons of amalgamation as well as shared services without amalgamation for Saanich. This is a reasonable and appropriate request from the voters and I believe it should be supported by the Mayor and Council.  In addition, I call upon all other candidates to join me in this request.

Thank you,

Fred Haynes.




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